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When we are closed you can reach a health professional for medical advice by ringing our number 337 0991
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News and announcements

Monday 11th May - Update on Flu Vaccines

Updated on 17/03/2022
Our supply of flu vaccines for our patients age 3+ years has run out and we are not sure when the next supply will be available. We have been told that more vaccines should be supplied around mid-May. We are asking patients who wish to get a flu vaccine to contact us at the end of this week/beginning of next week. We have a small supply of flu vaccines for our patients under 3 years old who have not received the vaccine before. We appreciate your patience while we await more supplies and understand the inconvenience the supply constraints have caused.

Flu vaccines - for all enrolled patients

Updated on 17/03/2022
Flu vaccines will be available for all of our enrolled patients from 28th April, subject to supply. Until now we have only provided these to patients who are eligible for funded vaccines. Please ring us to book an appointment, do not attend unless you have an appointment time. The cost is $30 per vaccine. We are sending invoices by email so please ensure we have your correct email address. We are continuing to run the flu clinic in our car park where possible. Wear clothes which allow access to your arm. If you are coming by car please let us know your registration number. Stay in your car and the nurse will come to you. If on foot or cycling please wait in the car park.

Update 30th March 2020

Updated on 17/03/2022
We are open as normal but PLEASE DO NOT COME TO OUR CLINIC UNLESS WE HAVE ASKED YOU TO ATTEND. We have locked our door so if you arrive and need to speak to us please ring us on 337 0991 from outside. We are phoning patients who were due to attend a booked appointment to assess if they still need to come in. We are still providing childhood immunisations and depo. We will deliver flu vaccines to patients in their cars in our car park where possible. Please wear clothes which allow quick access for the injection to be given.