Thursday 14th May - Our GP service during Alert Level 2

Updated on 27/03/2020
We have reached Alert Level 2 and our Practice remains open during our normal hours. From next week we will have the later closing on Wednesday back again. We are still offering GP phone consults where suitable, a standard consult fee applies. Our reception team can book you into a GP phone consult and we will give you a time and ask you to allow a 1 hour time period for the GP to ring you. If you require a GP in-person consult the nurse will phone you to do a triage/assessment first. If you have potentially contagious symptoms and need an in-person consult, we will continue to bring you through a separate entrance into our isolation room. All nurse-led services have resumed. We have our entrance door on 'exit only' mode which means you will need to let us know you have arrived from outside. We will come and let you into the building as we are able to, and we will not wish to keep you waiting outside in inclement weather. We can have up to 10 people in our waiting area at any time. If arriving by car we may ask you to wait in the car until near your appointment time. Please try to restrict the number of people accompanying you to one other person where possible. We have a new system for prescriptions where most are sent electronically to the pharmacy, rather than being collected from us. We are also continuing to email out invoices where possible, especially for patients who do not attend in person, and we appreciate your prompt payment. Rose our Podiatrist has returned today and we are waiting for confirmation of return date from our other allied health colleagues. Finally, a big thank you for your patience during the past weeks and for your kind words in thanking us for the work we do to look after you in our community.

Monday 11th May - Update on Flu Vaccines

Updated on 27/03/2020
Our supply of flu vaccines for our patients age 3+ years has run out and we are not sure when the next supply will be available. We have been told that more vaccines should be supplied around mid-May. We are asking patients who wish to get a flu vaccine to contact us at the end of this week/beginning of next week. We have a small supply of flu vaccines for our patients under 3 years old who have not received the vaccine before. We appreciate your patience while we await more supplies and understand the inconvenience the supply constraints have caused.